Tangleverse aggregates key information, news, & event data directly from projects in the IOTA & Shimmer ecosystem into one accessible location. Our mission is to become a growth catalyst for the ecosystem, by being an easy to use and intuitive access point for people looking to learn more about IOTA & Shimmer. We offer information for all types of visitors, from investors to application users, to crypto-native communities.

02What we offer


    Tangleverse’s primary mission is to promote the IOTA & Shimmer ecosystem by highlighting projects, start-ups, and tokens within the network. On our Projects page, you will always find an up-to-date list of applications, communities, and other projects hosted on IOTA & Shimmer together with all the important information that you need to learn about them at a glance. Further details can be found for each project by diving into their details page.


    Tangleverse.io is your one-stop shop for all important information happening within the IOTA & Shimmer ecosystem. You can stay up to date with all the latest News and Events happening within the ecosystem, down to the Project level. Our global news and events feed allow users have a high-level overview of everything happening daily on IOTA & Shimmer. For those who want to learn about or follow up with the latest news from specific projects, our project-details pages, account following features, and newsletter services always keep you up to date.


    Unlike pretty much everywhere else in the Web3 / Crypto industry, Tangleverse.io aggregates and distills information in an easy-to-use, accessible, mobile-friendly way. No more hopping between dozens of Discord, X, and Telegram channels to get the information you need. Tangleverse eliminates the friction that comes with most Web3 research and prioritizes accessibility.


  • Anthony Anthony Badowich

    Product, Strategy & Operations

  • Linus Linus Naumann

    Business Dev., Comms, & Operations

  • Patrick Patrick Fischer (Pathin)

    Tech & Engineering Lead

  • Merul Merul Dhiman

    Frontend Engineering